When to retain? When to Extract? | Safe Distance Learning Webinar Series

The course provides clinicians with a scaffold of treatment planning emanating from a complete dental examination. There will be several patient problems presented relating to compromised teeth of varying etiologies. The presentation will include how they are diagnosed and ultimately treated, with some of the results of therapy extending many years. The course is in a lecture format utilizing the literature to assist in decision making

When, Why and How to Apply Digital Technology to Prevent Implant Complications | Safe Distance Learning Webinar Series

Implant therapy has been by far the most effective treatment modality to restore patients’ lost oral form and function since Professor P.I. Brånemark’s revolutionary discovery of osseointegration in 1952. Although many cases enjoy long-term success, complications related to both soft and hard tissues supporting dental implants have become increasingly prevalent.

I’m NO sell-out! | Safe Distance Learning Webinar Series

This course will review how drug-free workplace policies can co-exist with legalized recreational marijuana. Learn to distinguish laws to provide reasonable accommodation, and familiarize yourself with drug testing issues and marijuana laws.

COVID-19 Pandemic and Dental Professionals’ Response as Offices Reopen

The definition of success for dental implants has evolved over the years, but the basic tenants remain the same - to ensure long term integration, maintain bone levels and an absence of peri-implant disease. Although most clinicians are aware of risk factors involved in implant failure few deem the restorative technique as a major culprit.

Soft tissue management around dental implants | Safe Distance Learning Webinar Series

The main goal of periodontal therapy is to treat the infection caused by periodontal pathogenic biofilm and to arrest or slow down further attachment and bone loss, ultimately preventing tooth loss. In recent years, many research and clinical protocols have been shown the improvement of clinical outcome, including gain of clinical attachment level and radiographic bone fill, by periodontal regeneration while maintaining the esthetic of infected teeth compared to conventional respective periodontal surgery.

Periodontal Plastic Surgery | Safe Distance Learning Webinar Series

The presentation will focus on surgical techniques to correct mucogingival defects around teeth and dental implants. The course will cover root coverage and non-root coverage procedures using free gingival grafts, connective tissue grafts, allodermic grafts, and pediculated grafts.